How do I prepare for camp?


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1. Arrive early, prepared, & ready to go!

It is best to arrive to camp at 8:55am sharp! Be ready for an awesome day of fun, getting better at baseball through skills and drills, and playing in live games of hustle ball! Pick up NO LATER than 3:10pm.

2. What to wear?

Look sharp…just as if you were going to play in a baseball game!

Your player must wear baseball pants, belt, cleats, and a hat to camp. Shirt tucked in and shoes tied tight! If you don’t know how to tie your shoes yet…we recommend learning now!

3. What baseball gear to bring?

Please have your camper be sure to bring the following:

✔️ Bat

✔️ Glove

✔️ Helmet

✔️ Journal and pen/pencil

✔️ Great attitude

4. Also bring a lunch, snack, & water

Be sure to pack a good lunch, a snack, and plenty of water for your player.

Plan accordingly as we will not be providing food for the campers.

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