What do I do in the event of a rain out?

Rainouts are a challenging aspect of our job as coaches. We work very hard to fill our coaches schedules with lessons. On days that it rains and our coaches have a lot of lessons scheduled, we require our coaches to help communicate with our clients to let them know how to proceed.

1. Safety is always the priority. While we want to do everything we uphold our lesson slots for you, we also want to make sure that both you and the client are safe.

2. Check the forecast. If it has been raining all night and you know that your field is unplayable, reach out to your coach’s manager to let them know that you will need to cancel your lessons.

3. Check on the field. If it is drizzling, but the rain appears that it will hold out, contact each client and let them know the status of what is happening.

NOTE: we also educate each client clearly on what the protocol is for a rainout so they are aware of what to expect.

4. When in doubt, make sure to reach out to your coach’s manager to let them know what is happening. They are standing by to help assist you.

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