How to set up your coaching station

Each time you set up to do a private lesson, you need to set up your coaching station.

Your coaching station consists of all of the Required MADE Baseball Training Gear.

Always be sure to check the weather and know the forecast of the coming week. If you know rain is on it’s way, it is your job to navigate it with your clients and do your best to perform your lessons if the conditions will safely allow it.

Arrive at the park early to survey the fields and figure out which field you’re going to use.

Once you have decided on your field, quickly text all of your clients for the day to let them know exactly where you are in the park by either dropping a location pin and/or letting them know which field number you are on.

Set up your coaching station

Unload all of your gear and put it in your wagon and get ready to set up your coaching station. Setting up your coaching station and having everything prepared will serve to do two things:

Show your preparedness and professionalism

Claim your field and make it clear to onlookers that you will be using it

Your coaching station should be assembled in the order as follows:

Putting out the bases

Assembling your bow net and putting out your hitting tee and your bucket of baseballs

Setting up your speed ladder

Align any other items you may have up against the fence

Hang your first aid kit on the fence

If you don’t have a field that day, create your coaching station in the nearest safest space and let your clients know where you are. You can always drop a pin to them via text to let them know your exact location.

Make it clear that you were about to have baseball practice with any onlookers

Once client arrives and lesson starts…

Quick catch up session for about 5 minutes…It is not necessary to start training immediately, in fact it is important to connect with your client each session and see where they are at with baseball and life that day.

Questions to ask…

-How was your last game?

-How is school?

-What is new?

-Tell me more

Give great Lessons!

Greet your players excitedly!

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