How do I properly prepare for my baseball lesson?

1. Arrive early, prepared, & game ready:

It is best to arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to your lesson. For the best training experience, the player should dress sharp, as though they are about to play in a real game.

This includes:

Baseball pants (optional but preferred) and belt

Cleats (necessary)

Baseball Hat (necessary)

Sunglasses (optional)

DO NOT wear street clothes, ie: jeans and flip flops

Wearing baseball pants and cleats will enable a player to safely practice sliding when desired.

If no sliding practice is desired during the lesson, or it is too hot, shorts can be worn.

2. Bring your gear, water, sunscreen, etc:

To have a proper and productive lesson, player will need to bring the following:

Baseball/softball bat (necessary if player wants to practice hitting)

Helmet (necessary if player wants to practice hitting)

Baseball Glove (necessary if the player wants to practice catching, throwing, and/or fielding)

sunscreen (recommended)

plenty of water (necessary)

Your coach will provide baseballs and all other necessary training aids for the lesson, but is not required to supply the list of gear above.


1. My player is a total beginner and this is their first lesson. I just want them to try it out and see if they like baseball/softball. Do I have to get all the gear for them?

Yes. See our MADE recommended gear list on Amazon. 

2. Can I talk with my coach before I book my lesson?

No. If it is your very first lesson your coach, they will reach out to you with a personal text message within 24 hours of your booking. If your coach has not reached out within 24 hours after your booking, please reach out to our front office to let us know.

3. Can I send my coach video of my player before our lesson?

If it is your first lesson and you are eager to do so, you may send a quick video (one minute or less) to your coach to show them what they are working with.

As you continue lessons with your coach and you build a relationship with them, you are welcomed and encouraged to send your coach videos to show progression in your player as well as keep your coach informed on anything that would be helpful to them via video.

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