Do parents need to be at the lessons?

Short answer:

For the first lesson, YES. After the first lesson, it is up to the discretion and direction of the coach.

Long answer:

While we do not always require that a parent or guardian be present during all lessons, we do require them to be there for at least the first lesson in order to make sure the player feels comfortable and safe with their new coach. Over time, you will create a relationship with your coach, and we leave it up to you and your coach to decide what is best and most beneficial for the player.

Parents can supervise lessons, and if the coach and/or training dynamic calls for it, the parent can get involved in the lesson as needed and instructed by the coach. There is no hard and fast rule that we have about parents getting involved in lessons, we just ask that you allow the coach to lead and always help to maintain a safe training environment.

For some players, it is best if the parent is out of sight. For some, it is best if the parent sits and watches from the bleachers/bench. And for others, it is great if the parent gets involved by playing first base or maybe shagging balls from the outfield. It really all depends on the relationship of the player and the parent.

Ultimately, it is up to the discretion and direction of your coach to decide if it is ok it the parent leaves, is included in the lesson, or asked to stay nearby but out of sight.

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